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1 in every 4 organizations saw steady or increasing levels of physical security incidents in 2022. 39% of operations leaders from various industries believe the state of the economy is the cause behind rising security incidents, while 26% believe the supply chain is to blame.

A global leader in security released the 2022 State of Physical Security Report, with 50% of respondents saying their physical security team experienced human resource challenges last year. Leaders were facing staff shortages, hiring difficulties, and employee morale problems.

As leaders seek ways to maximize resources, the demand for unified physical security solutions will keep growing and this is where B & B Mensch excels in serving our corporate clients.

With decades of security experience protect diverse assets across the globe, we provide a one-stop shop for all our clients security needs.

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We’ve secured and protected a diverse portfolio commercial properties and assets spanning from corporate headquarters, logistics centers, retail locations, and more.

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We’ve responded to emergency security needs within hours and have mobilized long term security programs in as little as 24 hours.

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